Reflecting on and celebrating achievements from last year

The past couple of weeks have passed as a bit of a blur, the decorations are down and we are now attempting to remember our routines and set out grand plans for the year ahead.

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At the tail end of last year we had the Open Education Special Interest Group celebration, an online webinar session where everyone was encouraged to reflect and share their celebrations of the past year.  In a world where we are constantly online and trying to keep up with the latest innovation and news, I know I am one of those guilty of forgetting to take stock of what I’ve achieved in the past year.

2016 for me personally was a year I will look back on as being full of personal and professional achievements:

  • OR2016, Dublin – In June, I travelled to Ireland to present at the International Open Repositories conference to talk about repositories for open educational resources (OERs)
  • ALTC2016, Warwick – In September, I presented at the Annual Association for Learning Technology conference about discoverability of OERs and repositories for OERs
  • ALT Online Winter Conference – In December, I presented my first webinar on ‘Introduction to EdShare‘.  A nerve wracking experience for sure but I survived!
  • EdShare – there’s too much to write about this on this post (you can read about it on some of my others posts or watch the webinar of course), but it’s been a very busy year in terms of development and raising awareness.  More work is already in motion for 2017 to launch another brand new institutional OER platform powered by EdShare, as well as upgrading Humbox to the latest version of EdShare
  • Tweetchats – New to me this year and rather overwhelming on the first occasion, but I’ve been very impressed with the conversations stimulated through this very simple approach.  As an introvert I find myself far more confident to engage in this space generally vs just quietly observing.  With a time limit normally set to an hour, the chat lead will pose a question for participants to answer and stimulate deeper discussion (all within 140 characters of course).  Chats I’ve participated in so far include:
  • Open Education Special Interest Group – I popped along to the meeting chaired by Teresa MacKinnon (who also co-organises the LTHEChat sessions) during ALTC2016.  The remit of this group is simple: to support, develop, sustain and influence policy in open education.   It was wonderful to find like-minded individuals so passionate about open education, and I was so pleased to be asked by Teresa to join their committee.  I’m also learning so much myself from this group and the amazing events and discussions that take place.
  • This blog site – After a few nervous first posts in 2015, the past year I’ve found myself to be far more confident in this space.  I’m finding it an excellent platform for me to share my thoughts and work in the open.  Sharing information with others that in the past would have stayed within my institutional or local networks only

Here’s to an equally productive and satisfying 2017!

The following is an extract from the ‘Getting started with open educational resources’ tweetchat …

One Reply to “Reflecting on and celebrating achievements from last year”

  1. Hi Kelly – what a lovely post. You certainly packed a lot into 2016 and I wish you a fabulous and ‘open’ 2017. See you in the next Tweet Chat!

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