Finding my blogging groove

It’s been a while since I blogged, mainly because I’ve not found or made the time for it to happen.  Over the past six months I have drafted a couple of posts only to get cold feet about hitting the publish button.  I love the freedom my own blog site gives me to say what I want, but at the same time the process reminds me I cannot, and don’t wish to, to just blog in an unfiltered way.

Typically I start with an idea or am provoked by a comment or situation arising as a result of new information around me, however typically by paragraph two I’ve talked myself out the post being worthwhile.

I’m not sure blogging should be this troublesome or perhaps I just haven’t found my blogging groove yet?

I’d be interested to hear from others on feeling the pressure to blog, or how you found your blogging groove?  Do your posts come naturally or does it take a great deal of preparation and drafting?

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